About Service Excellence Group

We’re a customer experience measurement and solutions provider with a comprehensive focus on performance management, customer intelligence and research. For over 17 years, we have developed partnerships with our clients in open and collaborative ways and react with flexibility to their changing needs.  In November 2015, Service Excellence Group became an IntelliShop company; learn more about IntelliShop at www.intelli-shop.com.

SEG stands out from other customer service consulting firms through our innovative programs which incorporate a look at all customer touch points. We deliver the actionable analysis and information when and how our clients need it in order to make strategic business decisions that will keep and grow customers, as well as attract new ones. As a customer service consulting firm we are committed to providing our clients with intellectual, resourceful answers to give them the competitive edge necessary to contend in today’s fast-moving markets. We come to you – our clients – with qualified skilled people in a consultative approach and cutting-edge technologies to deliver a unique distinctive package and relevant services.

About Our Team

Sandy Natalie, Director of Program Development

Sandy Natalie, Director of Program Development, better known as SEG Jack-Of-All-Trades, supervises all aspects of projects from the inception/pre-planning stage throughout the entire execution of the program. Sandy is responsible for assigning tasks, coordinating team members, following up on project tasks, quality assurance, delivery of program results, and serves as primary client contact for specified accounts.

Sandy has spent her whole life in the customer service industry, with long term tenure at Saks Fifth Avenue and the Gap before joining Service Excellence Group. Sandy tends to be direct and is likely to convince others of her point of view. She is independent and confident. She enjoys challenging tasks and is not likely to shy away from difficult jobs. She is compelled to make it right for the customer, every time, and believes “Quality is a race with no finish line.”

Sandy is a 1981 graduate of the University of Missouri and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising. When not providing customer service consulting, she enjoys life outside of work with her golfer husband, best dog friend, and new grandson.

Sandy Newman, Senior Account Manager

Sandy Newman arrived at SEG’s doorstep over 4 years ago, after successfully conquering the lands of an international beverage mega-giant as a District Territory Manager to a Human Resource position for a manufacturer to – all the more impressive – 21st Century motherhood.

With a degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology, an emphasis in Human Resource Management and an uncanny knack for strategically developing surveys that maximize on capturing information from the field. Sandy (also known as “Troubleshooter”) has become a go-to team member and is known as a champion project manager, calmly in charge of projects, large or small.