Develop a Customer Retention Strategy by Creating World Class Service

  August 15, 2010 in Blog, Customer Feedback, Measuring Total Customer Experience by Marci Bikshorn


Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. Without them…we have no meaning or purpose. Customers provide reason, vitality and growth. Serving them well requires a customer-focused culture and a steadfast effort toward improvement. The rewards from this unwavering diligence are fruitful: unflinching customer loyalty, sustainable growth and world class performance.

To deliver this world class performance and delight customers, businesses need to engage in ongoing dialog with them. Communication with customers needs to flow both ways – to your customers and from your customers. Resourceful service champions are eager to tune in to customers and do so through various tools:

  • Mystery Shopper Programs assess employee compliance to trained best practices
  • Customer Feedback Programs encourage customers to offer ideas, comments and suggestions about their service expectations and service requirements
  • Intercept Surveys present an ideal methodology to identify the customers’ perceptions of and satisfaction with your teams’ performance along with any improvements and changes they may find appealing regarding your products, store layout and design, product packaging, etc.

When combined, these processes help to reward and recognize outstanding performers and pinpoint areas of opportunity all while knowing that customers appreciate being asked and listened to and return their appreciation through loyalty to your brand.

For businesses to survive and prosper, creating competitive advantage through customer loyalty is the strategic differential. Customer churn is costly and uncertain because the cost to gain a new customer is substantial thus continuing to delight your current customers is really the optimal plan for success. Delighting customers turns a “some-times” buyer into a lifetime relationship and this is psychologically and financially rewarding. Delighting customers by creating world class service in a worthwhile investment in your team’s success.

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