Develop a Customer Retention Strategy by Pumping Up the “Promoters” & Dumping the “Disbelievers?”

  September 13, 2010 in Blog, Measuring Total Customer Experience by Marci Bikshorn

Do you track your Consumers’ perceptions of your teams’ customer service delivery? Do you ask Consumers “How are we doing?” Measuring total customer experience and the service culture of your organization will keep it healthy.

Customers can be divided into 3 categories – “Promoters,” “Fence Riders,” and “Disbelievers.”

The “Promoters” are those customers that are loyal to your brand and spread the gospel to their friends to believe the same about your business. “Promoters” are the customers that preach about the excellence of your team, products, services and more. They are an extension of your advertising and support company growth. These are the customers that place you head and shoulders above the competition. Do you know why they believe in you? When you do…you can then begin to put additional customer retention strategies in place.

The “Fence Riders” are those customers that may or may not give your business a second chance and may be enticed by your competition. Your mission should be to evaluate the reasons why these consumers are “on the fence” and convert them to “jump off” on the “Promoter” side.

The “Disbelievers” are just that…they have lost faith in your team, business, and ability to meet and exceed their needs. These Consumers are promoting negative word of mouth about your organization. What are their customer satisfaction issues? If you fix the issues will this Consumer category cross over to the “Promoter” side or do you need to attract more of your “Promoter” customers?

One of the most effective ways to begin understanding your customers’ experiences is to put the appropriate customer retention and customer satisfaction research tools in place.

Stay tuned to find out more about these research tools…

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