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How do you ensure that the voice of the customer will be heard at all levels within your organization? How do you maximize your return on your investment in your people, technology, marketing and advertising, products, and your services? The answer – and the challenge – is to incorporate Customer Experience Management Solutions into your company culture.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping grants you access to the “eyes and ears” of your customer. It is a distinct method for gathering detailed, unbiased feedback from the customer’s perspective that is used to measure, monitor, and maintain operational standards within your organization.

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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback allows your team to understand what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, business success. Service Excellence Group offers customer satisfaction and loyalty solutions to measure and monitor the perceptions of all of your customers, along with the relationships you’ve created with them.

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Brand Audits

Our customized brand audits are designed to provide peace of mind. Focus your creative powers on keeping your brand ahead of the curve, all the while knowing that our experts are making certain other aspects of your business are in line and working as a foundation for your success.

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Brand Research

The best decisions are the most informed ones. Today, information is more readily available than ever before. At Service Excellence Group, we believe a brand’s image is only as effective as the message it ultimately communicates to its end-user. This is why we’ve spent years accruing expertise in collecting only the most relevant information from all forms of media.

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Performance Consulting & Training

Service Excellence Group takes the concept of customer experience management solutions full circle by offering consultation, coaching, and training in the areas that are critical to your success.

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Additional Services

Think of the tasks your team performs over and over like performance appraisals, training modules, site checks, inventory statistics, and expense reports. These responsibilities all drain valuable resources unnecessarily. Our services and technology streamline reporting and analysis for all aspects of your business.

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