Additional Services

Think of the tasks your team performs over and over. Performance appraisals, training modules, site checks, inventory statistics, and expense reports can all drain valuable resources unnecessarily. Our services and technology streamline reporting and analysis for all aspects of business.

Learn more about each of our Additional Services below.

Automated Performance Appraisals

Ongoing and effective performance feedback is critical to your employees’ success. Our newest service features an Automated Performance Appraisal System. This software helps our clients quickly create high-value, relevant performance appraisals for all levels of their organization, while providing the ability to track performance over time. It is a powerful, easy-to-use, live tool that will cultivate your workforce to be aligned with your company’s goals and priorities.

Automated Training Programs

Focusing on development drives employee engagement, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Service Excellence Group has the capability to automate your training programs and enable your team to effectively implement customized, best-in-class employee training practices. By tracking employee skill levels and accurately reporting test results, organizations consistently register increases in overall performance.

The automated training system:

  • Tracks training requirements at each level
  • Evaluates a team member’s training retention
  • Automates the testing process with real-time performance averages
  • Sends re-test alerts to employees who earn sub-standard results
  • Archives test histories by employee

In addition, SEG can help your team recognize career milestones by linking them to training completion, outstanding performance and impressive results.

Automated Manager Action Plans

Talent becomes experience when you hold your team accountable for improving upon the areas of opportunity you discover via mystery shops, customer satisfaction surveys, audits and more.

The Automated Manager Action Plan (MAP), a basic tool, turns the traditional way of reviewing customer intelligence 180 degrees into an easy, actionable process by allowing managers to monitor feedback and accountability. Use this exclusive module to determine what behaviors and actions are to be celebrated and what skill development areas are in need of coaching and critique.

Action Item Manager (AIM), a premier tool, is a question level training and accountability system that presents a broad scope, “top down approach” where upper level managers create a “Checklist Style” of “Mini Action Plans” based on frequently missed “actionable” questions and best practices that can be drawn from all areas of your operation.

Competitive Benchmarking

Look outside of your windows. One of the most effective ways to improve your organization internally is to look outside. Competitive research analysis is a valuable tool that enables upper management to stay up-to-date with industry trends in areas such as competitive pricing, products, services, and Associates. Competitive evaluations establish a proactive method of identifying areas for development within your own organization.

Reward and Recognition Programs

Celebrating great work inspires people to grow, and applauding results ultimately builds employee loyalty. Recognition of a job well done demonstrates your company’s commitment to its team, customer satisfaction, and superior service. We’ll help you craft a strategy that rewards employees who show outstanding service effort in their mystery shops and customer satisfaction results. Together, we can motivate all staff to exceed standards, and, in turn, bring you closer – faster – to achieving your sales and service goals!