Brand Research

Know Your Brand Better

The best decisions are the most informed ones. Today, information is more readily available than ever before. At Service Excellence Group, we believe a brand’s image is only as effective as the message it ultimately communicates to its end-user. This is why we’ve spent years accruing expertise in collecting only the most relevant information from all forms of media.

Knowledge boosts your ability to innovate, expand and improve. At Service Excellence Group, we specialize in defining both what makes a brand successful now, and what opportunities will keep it at the head of the industry in the future. Rallying around our clients, turning insight into achievements – these practices are at the core of what we do.

Creative Exploration

The truest portrait of any brand requires a careful hand, an expert’s understanding, and a multidimensional approach. Today’s media landscape is more diverse and dynamic than it has ever been, and proper market research analysis takes technological know-how and innovative strategies.

Our process begins by:

  • Listening, in order to define the scope of the study and framework to execute the necessary research. We then:
  • Prioritize each initiative and analyze the methodology for data collection, so that we can:
  • Determine the right sampling method: one that yields the results that identify the key drivers of your reputation – the attributes that influence customer perceptions of your company.

Discoveries can range from the credibility of your corporate agenda to your brand worth, to your competitive positioning in the markets in which you operate.

But insight alone is not enough. Without action and improvement planning, market research analysis is a job only half done. Our mission is to ensure we have explored all challenges highlighted by the research, and then provide creative solutions to strengthen your brand identity.

Research isn’t just about knowing your own brand. It’s about knowing your brand better. Where is your message most successful? What makes it that way? What are the brightest opportunities on your horizon? What do your customers expect from you next? At Service Excellence Group, our researchers probe for the answers that lead to an ultimately superior, more useful brand portrait – one that looks in all directions at once.

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