Customer Feedback

Understand Your Customer

Customer feedback allows your team to understand what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, business success. Service Excellence Group offers customer satisfaction and loyalty solutions to measure and monitor the perceptions of all of your customers, along with the relationships you’ve created with them.

Getting the service experience right is as simple – or as complex – as creating and maintaining a relationship with your customer. No one needs to tell you how important your customers are to you, or how important it is for you to take care of them. The difficult question is how. Customer satisfaction, and beyond that, customer delight, is an awe-inspiring, ongoing initiative. To attain it requires an energetic and adaptable strategy that emphasizes the customer’s voice.

We can help you strategically listen to your customer. Our custom tailored surveys keep out the unwanted data, so that you waste no time understanding and acting upon customer intelligence.

Strengthen Company Culture By Listening

Word of mouth has always been important to consumers, but never has it been as readily accessible as it is today. The unfiltered voice of the consumer can have a major impact on a brand’s success. Your customers want to voice their opinion, and they’re doing it every day. When measuring total customer experience, Service Excellence Group designs, tests, deploys, and manages all phases of your Customer Satisfaction Program and shows you how to listen to the voice of your customers in a strategic way.

Surveys That Deliver

Unwanted data is a waste of time and it can muddle the customer’s voice beyond recognition. We develop our customer satisfaction surveys with the idea in mind that the most honest feedback is the most useful. And because we customize our surveys to each specific client, your results will make clear, relevant sense of your customers’ voice – keeping your brand a step ahead of the competition.

Service Excellence Group has the expertise to deliver more advanced analytics, knowledge that unlocks the value of the customer intelligence you’ve already gleaned from your surveys, allowing you to support and understand customer satisfaction initiatives.

Customer Feedback using QR Codes

With the development of newer technology, we now provide clients the opportunity to reach customers in a whole new way. We have added the capability of capturing customer feedback with Quick Response (QR) Codes.

A QR Code can be printed on a wide array of tangible materials, such as advertisements, surveys, receipts and point-of-purchase items. By scanning the code with their smartphones, consumers can be directed to your Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey is programmed on our reporting platform, giving your customers an easier and even more convenient way to voice opinions as well as offering you an innovative way to access real-time customer feedback.

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