Mystery Shopping

A Powerful Research Tool

Service excellence is the strategic differential. Your mission is to create consistently exceptional customer experiences by building upon and delivering your service culture via trained and committed team members. We know this is tricky. We know that the best measures are simple and easily understood, but achieving a balance between pleasing customers, developing the capabilities of your team, and running operations efficiently is a challenge.

So where can you receive an accurate assessment of customer feedback? Mystery shopping, a powerful research tool, provides the information necessary for you to measure, manage, and improve the customer experience, your team’s performance, and your bottom line. Because all parts of your business understand such simple measures as customer feedback, mystery shopping programs will serve to both rally and coordinate your entire organization, focusing your team on designing the right customer experiences and flawlessly delivering them.

Customized Strategy

A successful customer experience must consistently align your vision with your customer’s expectations – and then take it up a notch. Service Excellence Group customizes mystery shopping programs to measure compliance to your best practices and operational standards. Our purpose is to not only create a measurement tool and deliver intelligence to you, but also to infuse that very information into your company culture and, in doing so, build sustainable success.

Mystery Shoppers – Experts of the Service Experience

Mystery shoppers are your customers and educated to be sensitive to the complete service experience. By quantifying the intangible characteristics that make your brand unique, these independent contractors go beyond simply measuring sights and sounds. Mystery shoppers will listen objectively and expertly at every step of the experience and provide the accurate feedback necessary to measure compliance to your best practices – all of which leads to improved sales and customer loyalty.

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