Performance Consulting & Training

Transform Talent to Expertise

When it comes to planning a brand’s future success, data analysis can transform raw numbers into valuable assets. At Service Excellence Group, our consultants employ customer experience training that combines a brand’s past success with the implications of our new research, the results of your mystery shops, and customer intelligence gleaned from your customer satisfaction programs. Working alongside the different levels of your staff members, we develop informative programs that integrate seamlessly with existing performance training, and we assist in transforming your current talent into expertise.

Service Excellence Group takes the concept of customer experience measurement and development full circle by offering consultation, coaching, and training in the areas that are critical to your success.

Make the Most of Your Results

It’s our belief that the energy and resources we spend on our research is only worth the conclusions we draw from it. We’ve spent years developing analytical strategies that turn potential into performance and customer experience research into definable goals and measurable results. Together, we’ll discover the ins and outs of your most common customer interactions. With consultation and customer experience training expertise, you can:

  • Realign and reinvigorate your training program to reflect your brand’s goals
  • Design and implement a more meaningful reward and recognition program

Our program consultants will work with you to develop a set of best practices that are honest, lively and precisely on target with your team’s vision.

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