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To become a Mystery Shopper you should have a keen eye, razor sharp listening skills, intense observational skills, and be a fanatic about completing contracted engagements. Mystery Shoppers are highly motivated, conscientious, quality independent contractors who understand the “ins and outs” of Customer Experience Measurement and recognize their critical importance of delivering an exceptional product and delivering it on time.

Are you this kind of mystery shopper? Is your work comprehensive, accurate and always within the client’s program parameters? Do you make the clients’ deadlines YOUR deadlines? Do you look for ways to exceed their expectations? Do you possess effective writing skills, comfortable using a computer, and have the ability to complete concise, objective evaluation summaries?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, please follow the 3 – step procedure below to become a mystery shopper for Service Excellence Group.

  • Click here to begin the Shopper Sign-up. Registration at SEG is secure, fast and simple. First, enter your email address and click Go. Select your country.

  • Then, review the Mystery Shopper’s Independent Contract Policy & Code of Professional Standards and the Independent Contractor Agreement to confirm that you will fulfill the requirements of and understand the terms of our business relationship. Mystery Shoppers are not employees of SEG, thus it is important for you to agree to the terms of these agreements.

  • Fill out the Mystery Shopper and IC Pro Registration and click Go. Log into your account, update the Extended Mystery Shopper Profile and then check your email for a confirmation from SEG. Special consideration is given to those Independent Contractors that follow the Client parameters, are registered with IC Pro and are Silver and Gold MSPA certified.